Fresh Seafood

"Hook and Line" Halibut Ono "Wahoo"
"Hook and Line" Ling Cod Smelt
"Sushi grade" Yellow Fin Tuna Soft-Shell Crab
"Troll" Chum Salmon Squid "Calimari"
"Troll" King (Chinook) Salmon Striped Marlin
"Troll" Pink Salmon Swordfish
"Troll" Silver (Coho) Salmon Yellow Tail
Canadian Farm King Salmon White Perch
"Cooper River" Salmon (when in season) Whole "Cooked" Dungeness Crab
"Yukon River" Salmon (when in season) Whole "Rainbow" Trout
Bay Scallops Whole Albacore Tuna
Black Cod Whole Catfish
Blue Fin Tuna Whole Rock Cod
Chilean Sea Bass Whole Striped Bass
Dungeness Crabmeat Whole Sturgeon
Dungeness Fry Legs Whole Tilapia
Halibut Cheeks Whole Yellow-Eye Snapper
Jumbo Sea Scallops Mahi-Mahi


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